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Jack has recorded several songs individually, and in collaboration with other artists.

Songs are available here or at

Slow Jam Girl

The song from the award-winning music video Slow Jam Girl is a parody of 90s slow jams and arrogant playboys.

Pure Peen: NOW That's What I Call PEEN!

My character Rusty Peen has recorded an album of timeless classics in one awesome collection. Fun for all, but NSFW!

Space Tenants - Critical Hits

I play bass for the space-rock band Space Tenants. Check out our debut album Critical Hits.

Illusions Of My Mind

The theme to the short indie film Bleed Purple about what it means to be a sports fan and to miss someone you love.

Sweaty Balls

This summer classic by The House Of LeMay. I produced this song as well as the music video.

Slut Magic - "Megawatt"

I have collaborated with Slut Magic for years, and cowrote the single Megawatt for their album In My Mouth.

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