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Chokher Bali: Sand In My Eye

A play based on Tagore's most daring tale as an alive and present contemporary work of art explores of the life of widows in 20th Century Calcutta and one widow in particular, Binodini, who finds herself entangled in a forbidden love triangle.

"The musical score was a mixture of everything from classical Bengali to R&B … [A] brilliant showcasing of musical chops and integration."

--Brown Girl Magazine

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"A special treat is Jack Quint as Moist. He plays Hammer’s pathetically drenched yes-man with a deft creepiness, yet portrays an endearing quality that makes you feel sorry for the put-upon victim."

--Melody Breyer-Grell NiteLife Exchange

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Hans My Hermaphroditic Hedgehog

"Jack Quint believably portrays a variety of characters…and does not miss a beat, keeping the fast pace steady."

--Saima Huq Stage Buddy

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